5 Lawn Care Issues Every Homeowner Should Watch Out For

A lawn is a sanctuary for most homeowners to sit and relax, where kids can enjoy their playtime. Most homeowners take great pride in showing off their freshly mowed lawn lush,  green, and clear of any debris. However, it is painstakingly difficult to maintain your lawn in pristine condition at all times. A few common lawn problems, like weeds and bare spots, can take away from your carefully curated yard.

Here are a few common lawn care problems you may face and how to resolve them:

Thin grass

You may notice that some areas have thinner grass growth, which means you can see soil patches in between. The most common reason for such thin grass patches is overshadowing. It means your grass cannot get direct sunlight due to shrubs and trees covering them. Poor soil conditions and lack of aeration can also cause thinning. The best way to treat it is to provide the grass with ample sunlight, water, and aeration. You can oversee the area after aeration to cover those spots.

Dead spots

If you see bare patches of soil in your lawn, you may have a dead spot problem. They are usually caused by pests like grub worms eating away the grass. Rabbits can also eat the grass in a specific area and leave dead spots. You can also have dead spots if you have a broken sprinkler system and areas that do not get enough water. A simple fix is to take care of pests and replace your broken sprinkler system.


Weeds are a significant problem that can kill your entire lawn if not taken care of immediately. Weeds, like dandelions, and clover, take up all the essential nutrients your grass requires, leaving it weak and unhealthy. Your lawn looks like a wild area with weeds in them. The best way to get rid of them is to remove the weeds that use targeted weed killers that don’t affect your grass at all.

Grass fungus

Various types of fungus that can destroy your grass significantly can affect your lawn. Some of them include:

  • Fairy ring fungus: They occur in rings around dead grass and leaves, hence the name. They usually build when the roots are dead and decomposing under the soil.
  • Rust fungus: It changes the color of your grass, resembling rust.
  • Slime fungus: Slime fungus looks like a white substance that covers your grass. It occurs when the grass is left wet for long.

The best way to treat fungus is to prevent its causes, and if they already have been infested, call for professional help.


Grass discoloration usually occurs when the weather condition does not suit the specific area or the grass is not getting enough nutrients. The best way to take care of it is to use the grass that thrives in your area. You should also provide essential nutrients for it to thrive.

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