How to Protect Your House from Spiders

There is a reason why most Hollywood movies show spiders rushing out of dark, creepy places. Humans instinctively fear these arachnids since many spider species are poisonous, and some can even be deadly. Studies show that spider bites kill about seven people every year in the United States. The end of summer starts an influx of spiders into your home since, during this period, male spiders move everywhere, searching for mates.

Therefore, you need to take proactive measures to keep these spiders out of your house. Here are a few steps you can take to keep your home safe against a spider infestation.

Keep your home clean

Spiders like to hide in the dark and moist places, and cluttered items give them just that. Also, remove any food items or leftovers in the open and keep your food sealed. Spiders are attracted to other insects like flies and cockroaches that come for such food in your house. Therefore, the best way to prevent an infestation is to keep your home clean at all times and remove any cobwebs you may see. 

Seal all the cracks and crevices

Spiders use these cracks in your walls, doors, and windows to get into your house. Sealing them away correctly ensures that they don’t find an entry path into your home. Install a mesh cover for your doors and windows to prevent further entry.

Remove all the vegetation from the outer parameter of your home

You can easily find spiders in your garden area under the rocks, in the woodpile, or on the shrubs and trees. However, as the weather gets cooler, they look for warmer areas in your home. Therefore, removing any vegetation too close to your home makes it difficult for them to enter your home.

Use pesticides spray 

You can apply commercial pesticides containing pyrethroid on the corners and cracks of your home to keep spiders at bay. However, they only work if the spider drags itself on them; otherwise, it is useless. You can also use natural spider repellants like natural oils such as peppermint, tea-tree, citrus, and eucalyptus oil. You can also spray vinegar on the spider to deter it. Horse chestnut, mint, and cedarwood are also effective against spiders.

Call for professionals

If all these techniques aren’t enough to curb the influx of spiders in your home, you likely have a severe spider infestation. The best way to get rid of them would be to call professional pest control services like Lawn & Pest Solutions. Don’t wait for the situation to get severe, as some spiders can be poisonous and can cause severe health problems and allergies. The professional pest controllers will use safe and efficient methods to get rid of the infestation.

About Lawn & Pest Solutions

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