How to Maintain a Lawn?: Everything You Need to Know

Your lawn plays a vital role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. Having a well-maintained lawn is essential for a beautiful-looking landscape. However, there is more to maintaining a lawn than just watering it and mowing it from time to time. You require consistency and an underestimating of the proper procedure to keep your lawn manicured at all times. 

Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining your lawn year-round.


Watering is an essential lawn maintenance activity you need to do at least twice a week. When you water your yard, ensure that the water penetrates the soil at least 10-12 cm. Doing so will promote root growth and increase the resilience of your lawn grass.


Mowing is another regular lawn maintenance activity you need to perform to keep your lawn in shape. The frequency of lawn mowing depends upon your grass’s growth rate. However, the ideal frequency is once a week when the grass profusely grows and once in two weeks when the grass is dormant. Just keep in mind to not cut the grass too short or use dull blades. 


Thinning patches of grass is an eyesore for everyone. However, grass eventually completes its lifespan and dies. Therefore, you need to replace it with new grass. Most homeowners wait for the grass to die entirely before seeding the lawn. However, start overseeding when the grass thins and blend it with the new grass.


Regular mowing, foot traffic, and weather can make your soil compact and rigid, preventing the roots from growing deeper into the ground. It also hinders your lawn’s capacity to hold water and other nutrients.

Aeration is a way to introduce more air into your soil and loosen it up. You need to aerate your lawn using spiked tools once or twice a year whenever you notice that the ground has gotten too hard and water isn’t quickly penetrating the surface. 


If your landscape has shrubs and trees along the edges of your lawn, you need to include them in your lawn maintenance routine too. Pruning is another lawn maintenance activity that you need to regularly perform to ensure your flowerbeds, shrubs, and trees remain healthy. 

Remove any dead or decaying branches during your pruning session; look closely for any diseases. If the illness is uncontrollable and contagious, you may also need to entirely remove any plant or tree.


Weeds will overcome your lawn grass in no time if you let them survive in your yard. Therefore, it is essential to remove weeds in your garden whenever you notice them. There is no set time for de-weeding, and if the weeds are growing, you may need to do it as often as every week. You can do the de-weeding manually by using a trowel. However, if the problem is more severe, you may need to use herbicides on your lawn.

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