We are not in a drought

Chill out, we are not in a drought. 

Just because rain is not flooding your lawn every single day, we are not in a drought. 

However, your lawn may be in a bit of distress. Between the heat and lack of rain, you may be seeing some brown appear. That is ok, most of our grass species can take three to four weeks of dormancy without dying.

What does “dormant” mean?

Dormancy just means your grass has gone to sleep. You can tell if your grass is dead or dormant by tugging on the plants. If the plants pull out from the ground easily, they’re probably dead. If the roots hold fast when pulled, the plants are dormant. Brown grass is not the only sign of stressed out grass,  another sign is “footprinting”. 

Simmer down, Archie Bunker.

Have you become “that” guy? The grumpy, old man yelling “get off my lawn” as the neighborhood kids cut corners across your yard? Here’s your pass…You have invested a lot of time, sweat, energy and let’s be honest, money in this lawn. To many, their lawn is a prized possession and a source of great pride. When the kids on the block start stomping on your yard, it is going to bring out your inner Archie Bunker. I would post a link to the scene in Gran Torino where Clint Eastwood famously grunts “get off my lawn” but it’s not super appropriate. If you are that guy, don’t feel bad, even Prime Ministers get accosted for walking on the lawn.

So what it is about walking on your grass?

Walking over the same areas of lawn compacts the grass and compacted soil can’t absorb water.  On a lawn that is already parched, these are the areas that suffer first. When the kids run over your parched lawn their footprints don’t disappear right away. This is called “footprinting”. 

The footprints left by the kids can be remedied, just do some spot watering on those areas, it will all be okay. If this is happening all over, or maybe you notice some brown spots, your lawn may just need some extra watering.

If this isn’t a drought, then how much should I water my grass? 

We posted a blog that covered all of this earlier, you can click here and read all about it. But if clicking that link is just too much, here’s what you need to know in the simplest of terms:

  • Your lawn needs about an inch of water or rain per week to thrive. 
  • If using a sprinkler, that means about 20 to 30 minutes/three times per week.
  • Skip at least a day between waterings. 
  • Move sprinklers around to cover all areas of your yard.
  • Water in the mornings, between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. 

If you are concerned about the state of your lawn, and maybe a little concerned about stressed out grass, give us a call at Lawn and Pest Solutions. Before you become this generation’s new Archie Bunker or go into Eastwood mode on the neighborhood kids, let us come out and share our expertise with you. We can get your lawn looking better than ever. Our licensed technicians can be found all over North Mississippi, the Memphis area, Tupelo, Oxford, Fulton, Water Valley and beyond. 

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