Grubs, moles and armadillos

Why put grubs, moles and armadillos all into one blog? What do they have to do with one another? As with most pests, it’s about food. 

Armadillos and moles like to eat…you guessed it. Grubs. If you are having a problem with moles or armadillos destroying your lawn, it’s because they have found their  food source in your yard.

With their favorite food found in your yard, moles and armadillos will dig in and set up a home underneath your lawn.


Grubs hatch in your when a beetles lay their eggs there. They are white, soft and have legs up near their heads. Grubs eat on the roots of your lawn causing patches to turn brown and die. 

Untreated grubs grow up to become beetles. The cycle continues as they lay more eggs in your lawn. The best time to treat for grubs is mid to late summer and early fall. 

Signs of grubs

Look for spongy grass and brown patches. 

Pull up a piece of the brown turf. 

If the turf comes up easily like a piece of carpet with no roots attached, grubs have been feeding there. 


Moles live underground and create tunnels in your yard. They are small and have paddle-like feet that help them dig under your lawn. 

Moles usually leave a small mound of soil as their “entrance” to the underground. The tunneling of moles under your lawn is destructive to the roots of your turf.


First things first. Remove the grubs.

Armadillo facts:

  • Armadillos will destroy your lawn looking for grubs, earthworms, food. 
  • Armadillos thrive in warm, moist climates
  • Armadillos prefer loose and porous soil
  • Armadillos live underground, specifically under your lawn
  • Armadillos are nocturnal and forage for food at night
  • Armadillo quadruplets become independent at around 6 months, so they multiply quickly 

If you are suspicious that you may have moles or armadillos, look for grubs. If you find them, you need help. 

Our licensed lawn technicians can evaluate your situation. We answer your calls promptly. In fact, our website has an instant chat that can get you the quickest service possible. Look for it in the bottom right corner. Lawn and Pest Solutions serves the Memphis, Tennessee area and all of North Mississippi. Let us help you in the battle against whatever may be digging a tunnel under your yard! 

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