Giving Back to Our Community

Many years ago in Cub Scouts, I learned that it is important to help other people.  Some fifteen years later, I was a college graduate working for a large landscape firm in Atlanta when we closed everything down for a day to complete a service project.  Hundreds of workers descended on a park in central Atlanta to give the community a beautiful, clean park for the residents to enjoy.  The company donated time, labor, materials and equipment to the community.  Each year, the company chose a different project to complete.  It was a great time for everyone to come together and complete a project using their skills to benefit the community.  That was the inspiration for our first “giving back” effort.

On December 9, we took a day off from our busy routine of spraying lawns and treating homes for pests.  We locked up the office and all of us gathered to complete our first official project for the community.  Cooper Park is the centerpiece of Downtown New Albany.  If you have never visited our downtown, you are missing out.  Over the last several years, business owners and the city have made a concerted effort to keep our downtown viable, beautiful and welcoming.  Cooper Park is already maintained by the city, but we saw a need to make it even more beautiful and enjoyable for the community and visitors.   Lawn & Pest Solutions is proud to have adopted Cooper Park over the next year.  Our kick off on December 9 was a work day focusing on installation of fresh pine straw, tulips and pre-emergent to prevent weeds in the flower beds.  We also applied lime to correct the soil pH, and made our first application of our Lawn 360 program which will prevent weeds over the winter.  WTVA was kind enough to visit us during our work day. ( Over the next year, we will fertilize the shrubs, prevent fire ants, and continue our turf lawn fertilization and weed control with our Lawn 360 program. A beautiful gathering place in downtown will be further enhanced for the community to enjoy.

The Lawn & Pest Solutions team had a great time working together on this, and we look forward to seeing the progress at the park over the next year.

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