Don’t Let Mosquitoes Destroy Your Summer


Mosquitoes can make outdoor activities miserable during the summer.  Along with the itch left from their bite, they also present a health risk.  Mosquitoes carry numerous diseases including yellow fever, malaria, encephalitis, West Nile virus and Zika.  Don’t fear mosquitoes, but understand the risks associated with them.

Mosquitoes can quickly establish themselves around your home.  Proper maintenance and vigilance in eliminating their breeding grounds go a long way in battling these pests.  While proper application of an insecticide helps eliminate mosquitoes, eliminating their breeding sites is even more important.  These insects can lay their eggs in as little as half an inch of water.

Why Pay Someone to Manage Mosquitoes?

As I said earlier, mosquito management involves so much more than insecticides.  Our Mosquito 360 service targets the months of highest activity in North Mississippi.  From March through October, our certified technicians visit your property and look for areas that mosquitoes could breed in.  We offer feedback on steps you can take to prevent a mosquito infestation.  Once we have eliminated breeding sites, we then apply a barrier that mosquitoes do not want to cross.

If the mosquitoes happen to come back, so will we.  Our Mosquito 360 service is backed by our guarantee.  All you have to do is call or text us at 662.534.4535.  It’s all included with your service.  We’re not happy unless you are.

Mosquito Facts

Although we talk about mosquito bites, they actually don’t bite us.  Rather, they insert their proboscis in our skin to suck blood.

Mosquitoes can fly multiple miles for a blood meal.

Male mosquitoes feed exclusively on plant nectar, while females feed on both nectar and blood.

Female mosquitoes need the protein from blood to reproduce.

The carbon dioxide we exhale as we breath is an attractant to mosquitoes.

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