DIY Pest Control Dangers

For DYI pest control, there are real dangers that should be of concern. Before you (or your spouse) decide to tackle a bedbug infestation on your own, read here. (At least she apologized)

Along with the dangers of DIY pest control, consider how time consuming this can be. Online research, time spent in the home supply store,  and most importantly the READING OF DIRECTIONS…must we go on?

Dangers of DIY Pest Control

There are many ways to mess up DIY pest control, it’s just not worth it. You can harm your pets, children, the interior of your home, even the wildlife outside of your home. 

Chemicals must be properly mixed and safely stored and disposed of properly. Not doing so can contaminate the water source of your family or others! “Others” include the birds, bees, cats and dogs who might be drinking your poisoned water. 

At Lawn and Pest Solutions, we don’t recommend DIY for most pest situations, but there are plenty of things you can do at home to help prevent pests.

Easy and safe pest control DIY 

  • Remove sources of food, especially dirty dishes in sinks and pet food from the floor.
  • Put away food on counters
  • Store garbage in tightly closed containers, remove from home often (if not daily)
  • Check for ways pests can enter your home. Cracks under doors, around windows, torn screens, etc.
  • Remove clutter
  • Check for leaks around all water sources
  • Check bags and boxes that have been in storage before bringing them inside. (See Christmas decor)

Let us handle the pests

This guide from the EPA is very easy to read and understand. At Lawn and Pest Solutions in New Albany, MS we provide safe and effective pest treatment for your home or business. DIY pest control is a dangerous gamble for an untrained “at home expert”. 

Leave it up to us to get your home pest-free and you can help keep it that way. Our licensed pest technicians are ready to serve the Memphis, TN, and North Mississippi areas. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Let us show you #thelpsdifference. Call us today!

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