Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

Crape Myrtle Bark Scale is a type of insect/pest that attaches itself to the trunk of a Crape Myrtle tree. When looking at photos, it is hard to tell exactly what you are seeing.

Before you see the pest, you will probably first notice black areas forming on the trunk or branches of your tree.

Bark scale covers parts of the Crape Myrtle tree with a black, sticky soot-like substance. Untreated, it will eventually cover all of the tree.

Is Bark Scale a plant, a growth or a pest? 

It’s a pest! The actual pest (called Bark Scale) is a flat, light gray or white pest that feels like felt. If you press on the Bark Scale and it oozes a pink substance, it is active.

According to Clemson University, Crape Myrtle Bark Scale was first found in Texas in 2004. It has now spread across the South as far across as North Carolina. 

How does Bark Scale do the damage?

Crape Myrtle Bark Scale causes sidewalks, driveways, shrubs, flowers, fences, garbage cans, pools, and toys under your trees to turn black. Everything under the infected tree will get a black, moldy, sooty stain. 

How to look for Bark Scale

Crape Myrtle Bark Scale typically gathers in the branch crotches or at pruning areas, also under loose bark. As it takes over, the scale begins to literally suck the life (sap) from your tree. 

The thick, black moldy soot will cover the tree and begin raining down onto everything underneath the tree.

Should you treat it?

For some, the black sooty mold that covers your trees and everything underneath is more cause for concern than tree health. Deciding to treat for this pest may come down to you deciding to protect the investment you have made in your trees, landscape, and property.

What if you decide not to treat it?

  • In addition to being unattractive, the black mold prevents sunlight from reaching the tree. 
  • Bark Scale will most likely affect the number of flowers on your tree. 
  • The size of flower clusters and overall vigor in the plant health of your Crape Myrtle trees may also suffer. 
  • Crape Myrtle Bark Scale may even cause your trees to flower later than healthy trees. 

How is Crape Myrtle Bark Scale treated?

Treatment starts by systemically injecting treatment at the roots of the trees. This will slowly and methodically begin treating the entire tree and ridding it of the pest. 

In addition to the systemic treatment, we spray the entire tree with a growth regulator. This doesn’t improve the growth of the tree, it speeds up the process of getting rid of the Bark Scale. 

In the fall, Lawn and Pest Solutions applies dormant oil to the affected tree. This oil smothers and eliminates any remaining insects on the tree except those which are beneficial to the tree (like ladybugs). 

Each year afterwards, we do an annual systemic treatment as a preventative to keep the CMBS from returning. This treatment also has lawn fertilization  which will help your Crape Myrtle thrive in the future. 

Even if you don’t have Bark Scale now you might consider this preventative treatment. 

Crape Myrtles are some of the most beautiful flowering trees we have in the South. These majestic trees enhance our properties, parks, cities, and lawns. 

Contact us today to check on your investment! Lawn and Pest Solutions has a great system to treat your Crape Myrtles before this Crape Myrtle Bark Scale has a chance to infect your trees. 

Our licensed technicians are trained in recognizing and guiding you in the right direction for treatment and/or prevention. We treat Crape Myrtles in the Memphis, Tennessee area and all over North Mississippi.

The return of bed bugs

Back with a vengeance, the new generation of bed bugs has returned. “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” has a whole new meaning! 

How did THAT happen?

Stronger and more resilient than ever, bed bugs have found their way back. Once thought to be eradicated, the return of the bed bug has a familiar story. The treatment was found to be extremely dangerous to humans.

We are now more aware of health and safety issues with harmful chemicals. What once wiped out infestations of roaches and bed bugs turned out to also cause cancer. We are now strictly monitored on the usage of chemicals and thankfully so. 

4 things to know about bed bugs:

  • First of all…bed bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness. 
  • Some call them “hitchhikers” because they ride home on the bottoms of your shoes, your luggage, purses, and backpacks. 
  • Watch where you sit, as they usually hide out on soft or upholstered surfaces like beds, sofas, carpets.  
  • Unfortunately, they can travel from room to room in apartment buildings, five star hotels, and dormitories.

Brace yourself for this.

All bed bugs are looking for is a good meal and a place to hide, they don’t need trash or filth, just your blood. These pests like a good “blood meal”. 

After engorging themselves on your blood (while you sleep), bed bugs scurry away to hide in the seams of a mattress, under the baseboards, sometimes behind the paintings on the walls.

Signs of bed bugs

How do I find bed bugs?

  • Tiny blood stains that look like rust on your sheets or pillowcases
  • Dark/rusty spots of bedbug excrement on bedding, mattresses and walls
  • Fecal spots, eggs shells or shed skins in hiding places
  • A musty odor

What can I do to get rid of bed bugs?

The treatment is no longer harmful to humans, but it takes a team effort and multiple treatments to rid a home or business of bed bugs. 

If you think you have bed bugs, call professionals ASAP. There are plenty of DIY applications you can attempt, but are you comfortable with baking soda to get rid of a pest that eats a “blood meal” and hides in your bed? 

Our company offers the best bed bug treatmentContact us at Lawn and Pest Solutions and we will inspect your home and treat it very thoroughly if needed. 

We will return in 7-14 days and treat it again (because eggs will have hatched by then). You will have some work to do as well. Our technicians will leave you with a checklist of things to do, like washing and drying all linens with high heat.

Getting rid of bed bugs is not fun and it’s not easy, but it CAN be done. Our licensed pest technicians are making their way all over the Memphis, Tennessee area and North Mississippi including Oxford, Tupelo, and New Albany. Let us help you fight the war against pests.

Weed pulling

Weed pulling is oddly satisfying…at first.

What is more rewarding than extricating a weed spotted in your lawn? Lifting the roots and all from the moist soil with one gentle pull. 

Now, repeat that motion 10,000 times. Pulling a lawn full of never ending weeds is a chore

Weed or plant?

In a newly landscaped lawn, every homeowner has played the game of “weed or plant?” It is easy to think of weeds as ugly sprouts in our lawn, though some aren’t ugly at all! 

No matter what weeds look like, they are robbing your lawn of nutrients and moisture. Weeds compete with your lawn for all of the “good stuff.”

Don’t pull weeds

Weed pulling doesn’t seem daunting when you just spot one. The first satisfying pull leaves you with a big chunk of weeds, roots, soil. 

Then what? This is usually when you notice that there are approximately one zillion more weeds!

Weeds are like glitter…

When you pull weeds, you usually end up spreading the seeds, creating more weeds.The slightest disturbance of a weed can cause thousands of seeds to fly all over your lawn. 

Dormant weed seeds can even be awakened by digging in the ground while adding or removing new plant material. 

Treating versus pulling

Treat weeds BEFORE they grow and spread. Realistically, you are always going to be dealing with weeds. It’s just a matter of controlling and  reducing their growth. 

Using a lawn service like Lawn and Pest Solutions can end your weed control issues. A year-round program like Lawn360 will take care of existing weeds as well as those lurking just beneath the ground. 

Our lawn technicians apply pre-emergent and post-emergent to take care of weeds at every stage of development. 

Lawn and Pest Solutions is based in New Albany, MS. We serve neighborhoods and businesses in the Memphis,Tennessee area and all over North Mississippi. Google our reviews!

Fire Ants

Fire ants are hard working, organized and dangerous to some. Fighting them is not easy. Sometimes their mounds are mistaken for dirt making them even trickier to tackle. Here is what to know and look for plus, how to treat a fire ant problem.

Identifying a fire ant mound

A raised mound looks like a pile of aerated dirt. This is the displaced soil from the ants digging tunnels underground. Fire ants create amazing and expansive tunnels underground. These are for escaping should anyone or anything dare to disturb the mound. Tunnels contain the eggs and larvae of the colony, along with countless worker ants. 

Do not disturb.

When you disturb a fire ant mound, you might be shocked by the hundreds or thousands of ants that come rushing out. The agitated ants will bite and sting anyone nearby. Fire ant stings hurt a little when you just have one, though it is more common to be stung multiple times by multiple fire ants.

Dangers of fire ants

Blisters that develop afterward fire ant stings are allergic reactions, though some people develop more severe reactions. The areas immediately surrounding the sting may swell, burn, or itch. These stings and/or allergic reactions to the stings can be very dangerous to our children and our pets, especially if they are allergic. 


While there are plenty of DIY fire ant “solutions” you can try, most are just chasing them around underneath your lawn. The best way to fight fire ants is with a bait system. A bait system does not disturb the mounds. When the mound is disturbed, fire ants get angry.

Bait systems 

With this system, fire ants get the bait and return to their underground system of tunnels. They then “share” the bait with the army below your lawn. Lawn & Pest Solutions has the technology and expertise to provide season-long fire ant control treatment for houses

Targeting the queen

Our efficient and effective treatments target the queen, not just the mound. In just two strategically timed bait applications, we typically wipe out 95% of your fire ants. We will visit two more times per year just to assess the effectiveness or apply more bait (if needed) at no extra charge. 

Give us a call or click here and we will send out a licensed technician to address your fire ant issues! We serve the North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee areas with lawn and pest services. 

The Ultimate Guide To Mosquito Control On Your Property

As a property owner, you’re well aware of mosquitoes’ pesky and potentially harmful nature. While their bites may lead to an itchy red bump, these insects can also transmit serious illnesses like malaria. It’s no wonder you’re concerned about keeping them at bay!

Protecting your property from mosquitoes can seem daunting, be it your home or business. But it doesn’t have to be! With this blog, you’ll be completely aware of the danger of mosquitoes and how to battle them.

Why Mosquitoes Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Mosquitoes are a serious threat to the health of humans and animals. Their bites can cause on your skin itchiness, irritation, and discomfort due to an allergic reaction to their saliva. They can also potentially spread dangerous diseases.

Among these diseases, you can find the most commons are malaria, as we mentioned above, dengue fever, Zika virus, and West Nile virus. All these illnesses can have devastating consequences for those infected, ranging from fever, headaches, nausea, and even paralysis and death.

What’s worse is that mosquitoes can also transmit several diseases and parasites to dogs and horses, such as dog heartworm, eastern equine encephalitis, and West Nile virus. These ailments can have profound health implications for your animals if not treated properly.

The Most Common Mosquito Breeding Grounds

Mosquitoes breed in moist and stagnant areas, providing the ideal conditions for laying their eggs. Depending on the species, you can find them in permanent water sources, like rivers and ponds. However, some species prefer temporary water sources like marshes and clogged ditches.

To identify potential mosquito breeding sites on your property, look for any standing water, such as old tires, buckets or cans, birdbaths, outdoor pet dishes, and clogged gutters. If you have a pond on your property, moderate it or add fish that feed on mosquito larvae.

Next, inspect the edges of your property for tall grasses and thick vegetation. Mosquitoes prefer to hide in these areas during the day and will lay their eggs nearby. Lastly, check for clogged gutters or other containers that may collect water after a rainstorm.

Top 5 Tips for Effective Mosquito Control

Mosquito control should be a priority for any property owner. You can take many simple and practical steps to help reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property and reduce the risk of disease transmission:

  1. Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Grounds: Get rid of any area with standing water. Empty and replace the water in every feature, like pools and fountains.
  2. Cover up! Ensure there aren’t gaps in windows, doors, and walls where mosquitoes can enter. You can use the netting in baby beds to cover every window too!
  3. Use EPA-registered mosquito repellents when necessary and closely follow label directions and precautions.
  4. Repellents are always welcome! When needed, take advantage of EPA-registered mosquito repellents.
  5. Change your lights! Installing yellow “bug” lights outdoors can help reduce pesky mosquitoes in your vicinity.

The Role of Professional Mosquito Control Services

Professional pest control services are vital in reducing the risk of disease transmission from mosquitoes. These services are designed to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds and reduce their population strategically.

Professional pest control companies use effective and safe techniques to help you protect your people, pets, and property. Moreover, you will enjoy your outdoor experience without worrying about pesky mosquitoes or health risks!

With Lawn & Pest Solutions, you can eliminate any mosquito infestation and keep them under control without damaging any green area. Our skilled professionals will work with you to create a tailored plan against mosquitoes while preserving your precious green space.

Protect Your Property from Mosquitoes with Lawn & Pest Solutions

Don’t let those pesky mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun and put you and your loved ones at risk for diseases. Say goodbye to the hassle and keep those bugs under control with the help of Lawn & Pest Solutions, your trusted pest control company since 2002.

Our mission has always been to provide top-notch service with a smile and affordable prices. Let us help you enjoy your outdoor spaces without the buzzing and biting distractions of mosquitoes – your backyard paradise awaits! All you need to do is:

  1. Request an estimate on our website. Or, call us at 662.257.3149 if you’re in Mississippi or 901.560.2399 if you need us in Tennessee.
  2. Schedule an appointment
  3. Get the protection your property needs from mosquitoes!


How to choose a termite professional

Before you decide how to choose a termite professional, you may ask, do you “need” a termite professional? 

Yes you do, and here is why.

Termites cause $5 billion in damage per year to homes in the United States. FIVE BILLION DOLLARS IN DAMAGE, PER YEAR.

Insurance covers that, right? 

Rarely. Termite damage is considered preventable through “home maintenance.” In the simplest terms, if you could have prevented it, you should have.

Do your research

When choosing a termite professional it is important to do your homework. States regulate and require that termite technicians be licensed. However, some companies do the minimum required to satisfy those regulations.

Constant training at Lawn and Pest Solutions

Weekly meetings and occasional class settings provide Lawn and Pest Solutions pest techs with the most up-to-date information and training available. We choose to provide additional training in order to provide the safest and most effective termite protection to our customers.

In addition to training our technicians, our licensing requires ongoing training for management. Being a select provider of the Sentricon System requires even more training and in-depth knowledge of termites.

 Not only are our techs getting more training, our management is required to have ongoing training. All of this education is a part of being licensed to provide the Sentricon System for our customers.

What is a termite contract?

Before you sign a contract, make sure you fully understand the details and pricing. Don’t be afraid to ask your technician lots of questions. 

At Lawn and Pest Solutions, a termite contract includes:

  • An interior AND exterior inspection of your home.
  • A full treatment as defined by state regulations.  This can be a liquid application that is trenched and injected into the soil around your foundation, or a bait station application around the perimeter of your home

Your termite contract should include:

  • type of application performed
  • products used
  • diagram of the structure treated
  • cost for the initial treatment and ongoing annual inspections.

Annual inspections must include:

  •   interior AND exterior inspection of your home

Please note: If your current provider comes by and hangs an invoice once a year, you have not received a proper inspection. 

Prevention is the best medicine. 

When choosing a termite professional, we make it pretty easy. Avoid the costs and headaches of repairing your home with a Termite 360 program from Lawn & Pest Solutions. Check out our Ask Paul termite playlist if you have any questions!

Contact our office any time of day or night and let us schedule a visit to your home or business. Our company offers the best termite and pest control services! Lawn and Pest Solutions serves the North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee areas. 

Factors To Consider When Seeking A Pest Control Company

Upon stepping out to your picturesque lawn, you find hordes of ants ravaging your lush grass. You are lost and troubled since this is the first time you have ever dealt with a pest problem. To ensure success in managing it, you contemplate enlisting the services of an experienced pest control company. Now comes another challenge – how can you ensure they provide top-notch service?

Finding quality pest control services is straightforward – you must arm yourself with the right knowledge. In this blog, we’ll provide five questions that will help guide your search, ensuring no one takes advantage of you due to a lack of information on the topic. With these queries in mind, it’s easy to make a decision that brings satisfaction years later.

Key Questions To Get The Best Service Pest Control Service

How Long Has Your Business Been Operating?

Experienced companies offer improved solutions, advice, and support than those with limited knowledge. Plus, the feedback they have accumulated from their customers over time assists them in more holistically comprehending customer needs for tailored offerings.

Is Your Pest Control Team Fully Licensed, Bonded, and 


To ensure customers are provided with the highest quality of services and protected from any liability in case of accidents or property damage, all pest control companies must obtain a valid license and insurance coverage before engaging in their services.

Are You Ready To Banish Pests And Keep Them Gone For Good?

Ensure that their approach to extermination gets not only rid of pests currently in the space but also takes proactive steps to ensure they do not return. Ask them about methods and treatments they are willing to utilize for long-term protection from infestations, as well as any preventative upkeep that may be necessary.

What Kind Of Training Do Your Team Go Through To Ensure 

Quality Service?

By using only quality-assured pest control professionals with the highest levels of training, you can guarantee that your infestation will be dealt with with accuracy and precision. Their wealth of knowledge in all facets of exterminating pests allows them to properly assess any circumstance and select the best course of action.

Do You Provide a Written Quote That Is Guaranteed to Be Honored?

It is essential to obtain a written quote before starting any job, including what services will be provided, how long they will be offered, and the cost. Be sure to evaluate if hidden fees or extra charges may arise during the process.

Trust Our Pest Control Service. Hire Us!

Stop looking for “pest services near me” at Lawn &Pest Solutions; we have you covered! We’re an experienced team helping homeowners win their war against pests. With us on your side, you can be sure to see lasting results. 


Confused When It’s Time To Mow Your Lawn? 

As you mow your lawn, a thought comes to mind: is this the right time? It’s fall, and rain could be coming soon. But then you look up at the ominous, dark clouds looming overhead – seconds later, it begins pouring! Annoyance washes over you as you hastily seek shelter, all while knowing that your grass remains too tall for comfort.

There’s no need to fret; lots of people have experienced this common problem in the past. Luckily, certain reliable indicators will help you determine the optimal time to mow your lawn. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to identify these signs so that you don’t remain uncertain about this pesky problem any longer.

The Seasons Control It All

The reality is that lawn care is heavily influenced by seasonal and weather conditions, so to ensure your grass remains healthy year-round, we will dive into the necessary indicators you should look out for. That way, you can confidently mow your lawn, knowing it’s the correct time to do so!

Spring: Unwind While Mowing The Lawn With Nature’s Melodies

Mowing during spring might be difficult because the grass has likely grown longer than normal during winter, and the weather is usually unpredictable. However, once the temperature remains above 50 degrees at night for an extended time, you should mow every 6 to 7 days so your lawn remains healthy.

Summer: Let Your Lawn Become A Source Of Radiant Beauty!

As the temperatures begin to rise, make sure you’re ready with your mower! Maintaining a vibrant lawn is simple when you remember to mow every 4-6 days. This prevents it from growing too quickly and ensures that your grass has access to all the nutrients needed during this warm season while looking lusciously green.

Fall: Beat The Frost And Get Your Lawn Prepared For Winter!

As you enter the autumnal season in September and October, when temperatures remain relatively mild, mowing your lawn will be required every 6 days. However, once the temperature drops significantly and becomes consistently chilly towards wintertime, reduce your mowing frequency to 8 or 9 days.

Take The Hassle Away With Our Lawn Care Services!

With all this new understanding, you may have noticed that mowing your lawn is a regular task for most of the year. If not done correctly or on time, it can affect your lawn’s future health and give an unkempt appearance to visitors. To avoid any possible embarrassment or hassle associated with cutting your grass, you should contact lawn care services immediately.

Stop looking for “lawn care services near me” – Lawn & Pest Solutions has covered you! Our team of dedicated professionals will not only offer advice on the mowing process, but with our Green 360 program, they’ll ensure your lawn remains in its best shape all year long. To experience high-quality service that’s second to none, contact us and learn more about us today!