Best Practices for Feeding your Lawn

Fertilizers play a vital role in keeping your lawn healthy and green year-round. Fertilizers provide the essential nutrients that the soil lacks for your plant’s growth. However, for your fertilizers to be effective, you need to add them correctly and provide pepper aftercare to your lawn. The time of fertilization, the quantity, and the type of fertilizer also play a vital role in how well your grass grows and services.

Here are some tips you can follow to ensure that your lawns absorb the fertilizers efficiently.

Water your lawn

You may think about how watering your lawn fertilization is related? The water will allow the soil to become more malleable and absorb the fertilizers quickly. Therefore, water your lawn thoroughly a few days before you add fertilizers. Water is also essential for plant growth, and water makes it easier for the grass to absorb nutrients from the soil.

However, make sure that the glass blades are dry before the actual application, as wet blades are susceptible to burns.

Choose the right spreader

You can find two types of spreaders that are commonly used for lawn fertilization. They are:

Drop spreaders: Drop spreaders drop the fertilizer granules between the spreaders wheel as you move it through the lawn.

Broadcast spreaders: Unlike drop spreaders, broadcast spreaders fling the fertilizer granules in all directions equally as you move the spreader through your lawn. 

Broadcast spreaders are an excellent option if you have a lot of areas to cover. Although no matter the spreader you use, ensure that you use the speed settings mentioned on the product you are using.

Pro Tip: Fill the spreader on the driveway or cement surface so that you can swipe up the material that spills while filling the spreader. You can also add a tarp on the surface to make it easier to pick up the spilled granules.

Apply the fertilizer around the perimeter first 

Often, you may miss covering the entire lawn, especially the edges, if you apply the fertilizers from the middle. First, to prevent that from happening, use the fertilizers on the perimeter of your entire lawn and then get to the center.

Overlap when you fill the middle

Once you have covered the perimeter, move on to applying the fertilizer to the middle. The best way to cover the center is by moving the spreader in a similar pattern as you move your lawnmower. Just ensure that you overlap the straight lines a little so that no area is left off.

Store the leftover product correctly

Once you have spread the fertilizer to your entire lawn correctly, pack the leftover properly and save it in a cool, dry place. Ensure that pets or kids cannot reach them, as fertilizers can be toxic to your pets and kids if they accidentally ingest them. 

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