Basic principles of Lawn care

Lawn care is essential to keep your lawn lush and healthy year-round. It includes all those activities that nourish your lawn and protect it against diseases. However, most people think lawn care includes only lawn mowing and water, but it goes way beyond that. Knowing the basic principle of lawn care can help you maintain your lawn better and make it more resilient against pests and diseases. 

Here are some basic principles of lawn care you should know.

Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing is one of the most crucial activities that keep your lawn in good condition. You must mow your lawn regularly and properly to keep it healthy. Things to keep in mind when you mow your property:

  • Don’t cut your grass too short, as it leaves them vulnerable.
  • Regularly change your mowing patterns.
  • Ensure your blades are sharp as dull blades leave the grass edges jagged and vulnerable to diseases.


Water is essential for the survival of every living being. Your lawn grass and plants need it too. Therefore, during drought season, water your lawn deeply. Ensure that your soil gets nicely wet for at least 10-15 cm underneath. You can check the depth of water penetration by digging a hole in the edge and measuring how deep the water has gone. 


Constant mowing and exposure to elements like wind, rain, and weeds make your soil lose its significant nutrient content. And barren soil isn’t ideal for your lawn to thrive. Therefore, you need to add nutrients to your soil annually. The best way to determine what your soil needs is to get a soil test done. Then, you can replenish the lacking nutrients through fertilizers or manure. 


Another primary activity you need to include in your lawn care routine is de-weeding. Weeds take away everything your lawn requires to survive, including nutrients and water. Don’t wait for the weeds to get out of control before you remove them. Pull out one or two weeds you see in your garden whenever you are raking. If you see more of them, use a weedicide. Weedicides won’t affect your lawn’s health but will get rid of any weeds in your yard. 


Aeration allows your soil to breathe, and the roots go deeper into the ground. Therefore, you need to aerate your soil at least once a year. Use a fork or a spiked instrument to aerate your lawn. 


Raking your lawn at regular intervals keeps it clean and prevents the build-up of thatch. You should rake your yard before winter to remove the fall leaves. Leaving those leaves throughout the winter gives room to pests and weeds in your lawn.


Topdressing is all about applying a mixture of sand, loam, and organic matter to your soil to even out irregularities on the surface. It helps thicken your turf and make it lusher. 

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