Wasp control

Wasp control is something almost everyone has encountered. While a wasp doesn’t usually go out of its’ way to sting, if you disrupt their space, they may get a little “stirred up”. 

Unless one is highly allergic to a wasp sting, they aren’t very harmful (but maybe painful). Those who ARE highly allergic to wasps can be in great danger from just one sting.

Just be calm.

If you happen to wander into a wasp nest, don’t start swatting! Swatting attracts more wasps, so calmly move away. Walk indoors if you can. If a wasp follows you indoors, open windows and doors and allow it some room to get out. 

Where to find wasps

Wasp nests are generally found around loose piles of wood and under porches. They can also be found along rafters or in rarely used empty cans, buckets and boxes.

What’s good about wasps?

The best redeeming quality of a wasp is that it helps us out by eating other insects. Spotting the difference between wasps and bees is pretty easy. Bees are “husky” and wasps are “slim”. Bees are “hairy” and wasps are “smooth”.

What attracts wasps?

  • Flowers and plant life
  • Outdoor eating areas
  • Uncovered and overflowing garbage cans 
  • Properties with many insects and spiders (prey for wasps)

When to control wasps?

Wasp nests are generally designed by the queen in the spring and they grow all spring and early summer. By August, nests are at their peak size and the wasps are at their most aggressive. If you have waited until now, get wasp control with the help of a professional or just try to avoid stirring them up. 

If you decide to just keep calm, let the frost do its’ work.  Then get rid of the nests so they don’t move back in next spring.  Be proactive and start looking for them early in the year. When you find them, destroy the nests and the queen before they grow and get really angry. 

Wasp prevention:

  • Remove abandoned nests in winter
  • Seal gaps in your home
  • Eliminate loose piles of wood and refuse in your yard
  • Clean up rotten fruit under fruit trees
  • Keep outdoor garbage tightly sealed

If you aren’t into wasp control, call a professional pest service like Lawn and Pest Solutions. They can control wasps while you stay safely indoors. Our techs can assess the situation and handle it promptly and safely. We serve the Memphis, Tennessee and North Mississippi areas. Give us a call to control wasps, hornets, bees and other angry pests!

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