4 Things About Cicada Killer Wasps in New Albany, MS

Cicada killer wasps are one of the most feared insects in North America. These wasps can be up to two inches long, with a black and yellow striped body. They are most commonly found in wooded areas around the country, where they feast on cicadas.

While they are not aggressive towards humans, their size and appearance can be very intimidating. This guide will describe four things you should know about cicada killer wasps. Including if they are a threat, how they live, and some of their abilities. Let’s take a closer look:

They Are Not Completely Harmless

Cicada killer wasps are one of the most dangerous insects in North America. These wasps can grow up to two inches long, and their sting is incredibly painful. What’s more, cicada killer wasps are not afraid to attack humans if provoked.

In fact, they are known to chase down people who come too close to their nests. That’s why calling professionals in case of an infestation, it’s always a must. If you see a cicada killer wasp, it is important to stay calm and avoid sudden movements. If you do get stung, seek medical help immediately.

The “Solitary Wasps”

One of the most interesting facts about cicada killer wasps is that they are known for being solitary. Cicada killers live alone, unlike many other wasps living in large colonies. Each female will build her own nest and raise her young without help from other adults. This lifestyle may seem strange, but it’s still quite fascinating.

They Are Not Cicadas; They’re Cicada Killers

These predators are named for their prey since they’re very good at hunting cicadas. Cicada killers use their long stingers to paralyze their prey before dragging them back to their nests. There, the unlucky cicadas are fed to the wasp’s young.

Females Decide the Sex of a Larvae

Female cicada killer wasps can determine the sex of larvae by the depth of the burrow they create. If the burrow is shallow, then the larvae will be male. If the burrow is deep, then the larvae will be female. This is interesting because it means that the female wasp can control the sex of her offspring.

The reason for this is that shallow burrows are warmer than deep ones. This temperature difference affects the larvae’s development and results in different sexes. Scientists believe that the female cicada killer wasp can control the sex of her offspring, which gives her an advantage. This means that her species can continue to live and evolve.

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