Lawn Products


After a few years, all lawns become compacted from normal use, resulting in a root system that just cannot get the air, water and nutrients they need to thrive. There is a solution to this problem, though. Lawn aeration is beneficial to all lawns as often as every growing season, but Lawn & Pest Solutions recommends it at least every two to three years. During early summer, your Lawn & Pest technician can aerate your lawn with a specialized piece of equipment that pulls plugs of soil from the top 2-3 inches of your soil layer, opening up the root system of your turf. You will notice these plugs of soil after the service is completed, but they soon breakdown and work their way back into the turf. The resulting growth and thickening of your lawn will be unmistakable.

Grub Control

While a few white grubs are not a problem in your lawn, a high population will destroy the root system of your grass. A high grub population can also be a buffet for moles and armadillos. To prevent thinning turf in your lawn, a Lawn & Pest technician can apply a two-part granular insecticide, targeting the different stages of a grub lifecyle. A grub control treatment will stay active in your lawn for up to 90 days.

Insect & Disease Control

If your lawn turns brown, it is not always from a lack of water or nutrients. Often, an insect or disease can be to blame for this discoloration. Lawn & Pest technicians can diagnose your specific problem and tailor a specific treatment for your lawn. Armyworms, billbugs, chinch bugs and spittle bugs are just some of the creatures that may make an unwanted visit to your lawn. If we identify any of these pests or others that can damage your lawn, we will identify the pest for you and give you options for treatment. A fungus is a disease that thrives when your grass is thriving. This can be bad for your lawn because the fungus may rob the nutrients your grass needs to grow and cause your grass to become discolored. Our technicians are trained to spot the different diseases we see in our area and can give you options for treatment.

Shrub Fertilization

Just like your lawn, your shrubs need care to ensure continued health and growth. During spring and summer, Lawn & Pest technicians will use extended-release fertilizer to make sure the shrubs grow well long term. The extended release fertilizer will promote continued growth, unlike the quick-release fertilizer sold in stores, which only promotes a flash of growth. Sustained growth is better for the health of your plants.

Shrub Health Program

During spring and summer months, Lawn and Pest technicians target the most prominent insects for each corresponding season and treat any diseases the plants may be suffering. Technicians will inspect the plants for problems, like aphids, mealybugs and scale, before treatment to target specifically what’s needed. Consider combing this service with shrub fertilization to get the most out of your landscape plants.